Crushes and Social Networking

Has social networking taken the crush to a whole new level?  I remember b.s.m. (before social media) when I would have a crush.  The only way to actually get to know your crush was to actually get him to talk to you.  Now, you can follow his tweets or check his Facebook to see his likes and statuses.  It is an information overload and kind of takes away the fun of learning about your new crush.  Instead of handwritten notes it is going to be Facebook pokes and Twitter mentions…

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Balance Matters

I spent most of my week away at a conference in Scottsdale and I am scheduled to leave for another one tomorrow.  The theme of this last conference was “Balance Matters.”  This made me think…am I doing what I can to achieve balance in my life?  Am I listening to what is around me or just catching the things that I want to hear.  I definitely think I could use some more balance and more time with my loved ones.  Thankful that the holidays are coming so I can get back on track and spend time with the people that I care about.

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Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn



I love Jelly Belly jelly beans.  My boyfriend makes fun of me because he thinks that I pick out the worst flavours when given the option.  I like my jelly bean more savory than sweet.  I think that is why buttered popcorn is my favorite.  My boyfriend thinks I am crazy and I defend my favourite flavour by telling him that it is one of the most popular flavour that jelly belly makes…much more appetizing than his black licorice flavour favorite!  I started thinking about this while mowing down a bag of my yummy treats.  Does one flavour have more of a cult following than another?  These buttered popcorn beans even have a Facebook page!  Well, it is actually more of an anti-buttered popcorn jelly belly page, but you get the point.  It is interesting how passionate people can become about a product….even to go so far as to take to social media.  

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TiVo and On Demand

I am lazy today.  I have no shame in telling you that I have spent the entire day horizontal and watching television while eating potato chips.  Just what the doctor ordered.  Something just occurred to me.  I have been catching up on all my favourite television shows.  I did this by pulling up my cable’s on demand option to watch numerous episodes that I have missed.  These programs are not completely commercial free, but there are definitely a lot less commercials.  I wonder what this does for branding and advertising?  Are companies missing out when people do not watch their regularly scheduled programming.

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The Importance of Timing Your Status Updates

Social Media Today posted this very interesting topic.  Did you know that Twitter users are use to seeing the same content over and over again, so it is ok to post repetitively?  Or that the time to post on LinkedIn is once or twice a week…Think about some of the people you follow on social media, it may be your best friend.  What is your knee jerk reaction to their multiple postings?  Now, picture that this is a business trying their foray into social media.  How and when they post is important.  They do not want to oversaturate the social media site, but they also do not want to be hidden amongst other statuses.  What is the magic number to be noticed but not annoying?

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Gone are the days when this symbol “#” stood for number or a pound sign on a telephone.  The evolution of the hashtag has taken on a new meaning in the world of social media.  Hashtagging a word or sentence allows for it to be grouped for easy searching.  Hashtags are everywhere.  They can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other social media sites.  You can also see them on television while watching your favourite show.  I imagine this is a way that networks can track to see how their programming is trending on social media outside of ratings.  The hashtag has taken over the world.  It has even gone as far and being parodied.  I wonder if this will happen to the #CamelCase.

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Mainstream Advertising?

Learning about social media is so much more that hashtagging a tweet or updating your Facebook status to something clever that people will want to read.  Social media is essentially free brand advertising!  Take blogs for example….If I were to blog about a certain product that I felt passionately about and had a solid following.  That brand is reaching a larger audience just by the tips of my fingers promoting it.  My blog could also contain key words that will come up in a search engine search.  People googling a key word referenced in my blog may find themselves introduced to a new brand.

This essentially places power back in the consumers’ hands.  We have the control to target what type of advertising we want and what channels we want to see it in.  With power comes great responsibility, so tweet wisely!

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I was walking through the airport this afternoon when something caught my eye.  Burger King has launched a new product called “Satisfries.”  These french fries are supposedly “healthier” than the normal french fry, boasting 40% less fat and 30% less calories.  They also seem to be the hot topic online and in the news.  Many vehicles are tweeting and writing about the reaction to the new menu item and willingly providing their reviews.

The general consensus is that this is just another fast food chain trying to jump on the healthy lifestyle bandwagon.  I have to agree.  While I appreciate the intent of making a popular item a little less unhealthy, there is still a lot of work to be done.  The cost is another thing.  These “healthier” fries are 20 to 30 cents more expensive than their full fat brothers.  This rises the question that if fast food chains were really interested in improving their quality and image, they would make the healthy options affordable.



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How three minutes puts Hollywood to shame. – Imgur

How three minutes puts Hollywood to shame. – Imgur.

Wow.  Just wow.  I stumbled upon this gem when surfing Facebook.  I accepted the challenge and pressed play.  I was presented with a commercial that struck me to my core and warranted this post.  The advertisement is a result of the Thai Telecommunications company True.  The three-minute spot tells that story of a man who gives without expecting anything in return.  When he is faced with a hardship, he is rewarded with the same kindness that he has shown others.  The spot gives a humanitarian perspective to a money making corporation.

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Social Media 9/11 Wins and Fails

Social Media 9/11 Wins and Fails

Interesting article about how popular brands took to social media to commemorate 9/11.  There were varied reactions to several posts.  For example, AT&T met negative reactions for posting a picture of a mobile phone showing the light of the Twin Towers.  Many disgusted reactions were received citing tacky product placement.  Some companies opted to not tweet all day out of remembrance.  Social media can make or break you when it comes to commemorating something as important as 9/11. 

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